With the end of the Covid Emergency in Italy nothing will be the same as before.


That’s why we have designed a system for dispensing a sanitizing disinfectant solution with atomisation for public offices, hospitals, supermarkets, cultural and sporting events, airports, ports, railway stations, restaurants, bathing establishments, discotheques and any other place with high attendance.
COVID OUT is the custom-made solution to prevent the spread of diseases and viruses such as Coronavirus


The automatic activation regulated by a motion detector by means of a photocell limits the consumption of disinfectant and is able to manage considerable flows of people.
When passing through, the system starts operating automatically and the person passing through is affected by the atomisation without being wet.
The micro-droplets penetrate the clothes during the passage promoting the elimination of Coronavirus and other viruses/bacteria.
in the next 30 seconds
The advantage of micro-drops is that they operate without wetting the individual or the surface concerned.


Recommended for:
Hospitals – Public and private institutions – Restaurants – Bars – Shops – Shopping malls – Discos – Cultural and sporting events and events – places of worship – Hotels – Tourist villages – Sports complexes (stadiums, arenas, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc.), bathing establishments, ports, airports, railway stations.
COVID OUT allows the rapid and simple sanitation of individuals so it is useful in all places with a high frequency of people.

WHAT WE SUPPLY : Both in sales and rental formula

Each complete COVID OUT is composed of: Painted aluminium gazebo and 3 x 2 or 3 x 3 mt. PVC roof with nebulizer system,
motion detector,
a complete control unit and a high-pressure hose with quick couplings.
No. 02 information panels with indication of use / prohibitions
No. 02 upper beams h. cm. 33 customizable
No. 02 antibacterial mats cm. 90 x 57 blue with permanent hygienizing compound

WHAT WE PROVIDE IN ALTERNATIVE: Available in both sale and rental formulas

Arched structure in silver anodized aluminium and stainless steel accessories, equipped with nozzles with atomising system, a pump with liquid tank.
motion sensor with photocell ,
a complete control unit and a high-pressure hose with quick couplings.
No. 02 information panels with indication of use / prohibitions
Self-supporting structure with concrete ballasts
Arch dimension : mt. 2.00 x h. 2.50


Our technicians are at your disposal for technical assistance and maintenance
Delivery according to your needs: transport by our vehicles,
shipment or collection at our premises
The installation service by our technicians provides you with the
guarantee of documented installation and correct installation
edited by our company
Static calculations, fireproof approval, annual structure testing
All individual components are CE certified

We will need barriers of respect for our premises, to keep the distance between people.

We will also need routes outside the shopping center so that we can wait our turn without crowding in.

We will also need more floor space for our customers to maintain a distance in public locations.

Metal roofed pagoda with PVC roof
Elastic Sailing

We have done an extensive research of possible solutions that can be used to cope with the spacing that will occur at the opening of our companies and we are available to propose them to those who contact us.